About IndusTec

For some 15 years we operated as Industrial Technicians. We supported high speed manufacturing, primarily in the food industry, With technical support and upgrades. These services were designed and intended to actually cause enough increase in efficiencies and waste reductions to affect recovery of costs very fast. That goal made it very hard for our customers to actually let us retire. However we have shut down Industrial Technicians. Now we have the goal to supplement the meager retirement offered by social Security by supplying on line, a reliable, reasonable Industrial Supply and repair service. The service is only what can be accomplished in my home shop. Basically I buy used Industrial electronics. Then using the software accumulated over the years. They are tested and resold with a great guarantee. Also we resource and sell other industrial supplies. These are all new with a guarantee and free return policy. We pay the shipping back if return is required. Thank you for shopping with us. Shop assured that we are dedicated to your success with any project. We will share our years of learning and experiences toward that goal if you reach out to us. It will be limited to our knowledge and carries no warranties. We strive to be accurate and helpful. Great service, integrity &  honesty are my directives.